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You’re talented and accomplished. You’re already renowned in your field because you’re great at what you do. You’re an original. Young or not-so-young maybe you’ve broken a mold. Resources - money, educational level, network - are not an issue. However, you want more; to move closer to a dream or an ideal, something imagined but not yet made real in the world! And this - THIS - eludes you. 

You know there’s more! How to find it? It’s not about leveling up. You’ve done that, many times. You sense it’s about scaling. But what, where, and and fundamentally, how? Talent, skill and inspiration have been mainstays. Now you’re over-thinking, fixating. You listen to the received wisdom about your field. Perhaps that’s sensible but it isn’t useful, worse, it’s uninspiring. The potential is there for brilliant ideas that might transform you and the field. But where to source them?  

Collaborating with a coach can help create the container - aka the philosopher’s stone - for transmuting lead into gold. Hold on! Spend some time with that notion. I’ve thrown down the gauntlet. Now it’s up to you to ask, are you ready for a challenge? Ready for metamorphosis? Your brilliant idea, your approach, your concept, is it time to try something different and new? 

Are you ready? 

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